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Winter 5 Pack

Winter 5 Pack


In the Winter months, our formulas help combat current viruses and boost our immune system. This 5 pack contains the essential formulas you need to boost immunity prevent sickness, and treat cough, cold and malaise if you do get sick. 

Prevent sickness and boost immunity. Take these daily. 

  • Mushroom Tonic: Our most potent formula, formulated with medicinal mushrooms so you stay healthy during cold and flu season, can be used daily.
  • Sinus Guard: Immune-boosting remedy specifically formulated for people susceptible to allergies and sinusitis. Supports clear sinuses and nasal passageways.

    Treat Symptoms if you do get sick

  • Throat Zap: Immediate use at the first sign of sickness to fight off the bug.
  • Super Sinus: Use for sinus congestion, sinus headaches, and postnasal drip.
  • Cough Arrest: Cough with or without phlegm and chest tightness. This formula has been helpful for the dry lingering cough associated with post Covid infection.



The 5 pack has everything you need to fight cold and flu season. We recommend you take Mushroom Tonic daily and/or Sinus Guard daily or as needed. 
At the first sign of sickness, stop taking the preventative formulas and take Throat Zap. As symptoms present, use Super Sinus and/or Cough Arrest and continue to take Throat Zap until symptoms subsisde.
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