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In Chinese medicine, it is said that the lungs are the organ most affected by dryness.  As the air we breathe passes through the sinus cavities on it way to the lungs, the sinuses also are greatly affected by dryness.  Living in the dry Rocky Mountain or desert Southwest regions, or even working and living in environments with forced air heat or constant air conditioning, the nose, sinuses, nasal passageways and lungs get easily dried out.

At Dr. Dave's, we formulate remedies for people who live and work in a dry, arid environment.  In our opinion, no malady is more affected by dryness than sinusitis.

Phlegm or mucous is usually the main problem in sinus conditions.  Most remedies, whether herbal or prescribed, treat sinusitis by drying phlegm.  However, for someone with already dry sinuses, this only serves to cement in what little phlegm there is.  It is this dried phlegm which causes the enduring symptoms of congestion, pressure and headaches associated with chronic sinusitis common to dry environments.

At Dr. Dave's, we take the opposite approach when treating sinusitis.  First and foremost, we moisten the sinuses and nasal passageways.  By moistening and thereby loosening stuck phlegm, the body's own healing mechanisms can more easily address this situation.  We also include herbs to increase circulation in the nasal passageways as well as small doses of herbs to transform phlegm.

Our mantra for addressing sinus conditions is Moisten, Move, Transform.  Our formulation, Super Sinus, does just this, thereby providing relief from sinusitis without overly drying the nose, sinuses and lungs.

For Sinusitis We Prescribe

Sinus Guard

Sinus Guard



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