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Handmade Plant Based Remedies For Dry Environments

Our plant-based herbal remedies are specifically formulated for dry climates. Our products help relieve allergies, sinus conditions, cough, sore throat and sleep conditions without drying out your body.

Get Relief Where Others Fail

We dissolve our herbs in tinctures because alcohol extracts the full power of the herb and the body digests the herbs directly into the bloodstream, much quicker than any other means.

Our tinctures are handmade by licensed pharmacist Mandy Hemmert and her team. If you have any questions about the right formula for your condition, please reach out to us here. We look forward to keeping you and your family healthy with natural, effective formulas that have been used for centuries.
We are 100% plant based, no pesticides, excipients or chemical no-nos
Our tinctures are handmade with love in Gunnison, CO by licensed pharmacist Mandy Hemmert
We source the highest quality ingredients and each batch is purity tested to ensure no pesticides and fungicides

Hear What the Experts Have to Say

Peter-SigePeter Stege, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

I have used Dr. Dave’s Chinese Herbal products for many years. Allergies Away and Super Sinus are my #1 herbal treatments for seasonal allergies and the ones requested most by my patients. I prefer the customized formulation for the Southwest climate that Dr. Dave’s provides and have always had excellent service.
Erin_PassErin Pass, Licensed Acupuncturist, Diplomate in Chinese Herbology

I have used Dr. Dave's Herbal Medicines for ten years and always had wonderful results. The sinus formulas have been amazing for my clients in preparation for allergy season and to quell acute hay fever. I highly recommend Dave's entire line of formulas.
Clarks-MarketAaron Jack, Clark's Market, Aspen, Colorado

I always hook up people with Allergies Away. Whenever someone comes into our store with seasonal allergies, that is what we recommend first.
Kristie-SteinbockK. Steinbock, Masters of Science, Licensed Acupuncturist
Red Dragon Acupuncture Clinic

I have used Dr. Dave's Mushroom Tonic for many years. My clients love it, especially through the cold and flu season.

Our remedies are unique in that they moisten dryness in the lungs and sinuses while increasing blood circulation and transforming phlegm - not drying it


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