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Optimizing Your Winter Health

Optimizing Your Winter Health
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If you’ve been regularly reading our newsletter, we’ve been looking at how to live in harmony with each season. Now that we are into winter, let’s take a look at how to maximize our health during these colder months and continue to protect ourselves from viruses.

In earlier times, people were acutely aware of their environment. Winter was the time to stay alive, stay warm, go to bed early, and rest. Thanks to human progress, we don’t face these same struggles.
Even though times have changed, it feels harmonious to live in tune with the seasons and our genetic code. It can improve our overall well-being.

Winter is a time for rest, storage, and conservation of energy, both physically and mentally. It’s the season of the kidney and the bladder, both of which require proper hydration. 

Winter - The Season of Stillness

In many places, the land becomes barren, frozen, and appears dead. Trees shed their leaves. Animals hibernate or spend more time in their dens and burrows. Birds migrate to warmer places.

But all is not dead, it’s simply hidden. Winter is the time when living things rest and replenish.

How can we better rest and replenish ourselves to cultivate what will bloom in the spring?

Perhaps by allowing time for more introspection with meditation and retiring earlier at night to replenish daily spent vitality.


Health During Winter

Avoid excessive sweating/drying in cold temperatures and becoming overly cold. Exercise should tend to be more restorative, like Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, gentle walks/hikes/skis.
Continue daily use of Mushroom Tonic or Sinus Guard to help keep your immune system robust. 
Vitamin C, D, and zinc are good to use daily as well. Drink plenty of room temperature or warmer fluids throughout the day.

Use Wet Socks Treatment if fighting a fever:

  • At bedtime, warm body through bath or shower, dry off well, and put on warm PJ's
  • Thoroughly wet thin cotton socks with icy cold water
  • Place on feet
  • Cover with pair of dry wool socks
  • Go directly to bed
  • Leave on socks throughout the night into morning, until the socks are warm and dry
  • Repeat several nights in a row if needed

If you do get a cold or virus, have on-hand Throat Zap for immediate use to fight off the bug.


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Super Sinus is good to use for sinus congestion, sinus headaches, and postnasal drip.

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Cough Arrest is good for a cough with or without phlegm and chest tightness. This formula has been helpful for the dry lingering cough associated with post Covid infection.

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Antiviral Herbs

Throat Zap is the first defense antiviral formula in our product line. ​It can be used along with either Mushroom Tonic or Sinus Guard at a lower dose daily for preventative treatment. If you do get sick, move to a full dose of Throat Zap and discontinue Mushroom Tonic/Sinus Guard until feeling well.

Once you are feeling better, return to using Mushroom Tonic and/or Sinus Guard daily.

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If you have any questions about the right products for you, respond to this email.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful and healthy 2022.

Yours in Health,

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