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Living or working in a dry environment, special care is needed in the treatment of allergies. This is because our skin, eyes and and nasal mucosa are generally dried out, and nearly all remedies designed to treat the symptoms that are associated with hay fever or seasonal allergies go about treating these conditions by drying phlegm.

For someone with a runny nose, this treatment is effective in the short term.

However, repeated drying of the eyes, nose and respiratory passageways in a person who is dry to begin with sets up a vicious cycle. The drier you are, the more irritated your nasal passageways are. The more irritated the nasal passageways, the more easily they are affected by allergens.

The more you then use drying medicinals to treat the allergies, the dryer and more irritated your passageways get...and so on.

Even though it is counter-intuitive, we feel the best way to treat allergies is by moistening the nasal passageways. This way, the nose and respiratory passageways become more supple, less irritated and more in harmony with the environment around them.

At Dr. Dave's, we use many of the herbs commonly used to treat allergies. However, we use less of the overly drying herbs and more of the herbs which gently transform phlegm but still have moistening components (seeds, for instance, are oily and therefore inherently moistening). We also add herbs which directly moisten the nasal passageways.

By doing this, we feel that our final product, Allergies Away, provides a balanced, moistening herbal remedy for those who suffer from seasonal allergies or hay fever.

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Allergies Away

Allergies Away



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