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Insomnia and Herbal Medicine

When treating insomnia,  most herbal medicines and over-the-counter remedies focus on sedation as the primary means of promoting sleep.  For some, this is effective.  For others, this is problematic as they wake feeling drugged or drowsy.

Chinese herbal medicine takes a different approach to sleeplessness.  Rather than sedate, emphasis is put on restoring harmony in the body.  Once balanced is achieved, sleep comes easily.  Any part of the body may be out of balance.  However, when it comes to insomnia, the heart is the organ most likely to be out of balance.

In Chinese, the word Shen is translated as spirit, but it also means heart and mind.  When soothing the heart with herbs in accordance with the principles of Chinese herbal medicine, one is soothing the Shen, which includes the mind and spirit.

Dr. Dave's Good Night is designed with Shen in mind.  It is based on the formulation Zizyphus Tea, which has been used for centuries to nourish the heart, calm the spirit and address sleeplessness.  Good  Night addresses the Shen by nourishing the blood of the heart and liver as a means to calm the body and mind.

Once the heart, mind and spirit are balanced, the body relaxes and the body can rest into a deep and comfortable sleep.

For Insomnia We Prescribe

Good Night

Good Night



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