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Spring Cleansing: Focus on Body, Mind & Spirit

Spring Cleansing: Focus on Body, Mind & Spirit
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Spring is upon us and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this time of the year is known as the season of growth, movement, and potential. It is the season of renewal and cleansing within our bodies and the outside environment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views humans as microcosms of the environment and as daylight lengthens and the days get warmer, energy flows forth both from within us and in the outside world. The body begins to awaken out of its winter hibernation and storage mode. The organs of the Liver and  Gallbladder and their energetics are more active in the spring.

This is the ideal time to support your liver and gallbladder which are your main filtering organs through diet, cleansing, herbal support, and exercise.

Trees begin to grow buds and blossom in the spring and we should try to align ourselves with the natural state of the seasons. This time allows us to let go of the old patterns that no longer serve us and bring fresh energy to our health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being.

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Attributes of Spring

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring’s attributes are:

Spring is traditionally an excellent time for a Liver Cleanse or Gallbladder Flush.  This can be accomplished by doing a cleanse, whether through juices, foods, or supplements.
The benefits of detoxification are numerous:

Include more foods into the diet such as:

Exercise levels can gradually increase in intensity from slower Winter routines.
Do your best to avoid:
Stress, alcohol, and greasy heavy foods will create a sluggish, overworked liver and gallbladder and stagnation can occur. A liver that is taxed and stagnant manifests as:

-Waking at night between 1 AM and 3 AM frequently
-Feelings of stress, frustration, irritability
-Pain or tension in the upper quadrant of the abdominal or thoracic area
-High pitch ringing in the ears

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver/Gall Bladder are the primary organs in charge of moving Qi and filtering the blood. When there is a smooth, free flow of Qi and blood, one has a sense of ease, calmness, and emotional flexibility.  

Since Spring is the time for growth, creativity, and movement...

Dr. Dave’s is excited to introduce a new formula specifically designed for managing STRESS in our modern, busy lives.

SETTLE STRESS has been created for daily use as needed to help manage our emotional wellbeing. The herbs used in the formula work in combination to create harmony in the Liver and move Qi. The formula is balanced and appropriate for use daily as needed to help create mental clarity, ease and soothe the Mind and Spirit.

Protection from Spring Cold & Flu

Dress appropriately to protect oneself from the wind and elements.

We recommend taking Mushroom Tonic daily for continued immune and Qi support.

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Prepare for Seasonal Allergies

With the season change, new growth begins in our local environments creating the potential for those who suffer from allergies to begin to experience symptoms.

Continue taking Sinus Guard as your daily immune and Qi support specifically designed for optimum sinus health.

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I appreciate all your support. If you have any questions about our supplements, please respond directly to this email.

Yours in Health, 

Licensed Acupuncturist and Owner of Dr. Daves


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